Here are the Merrill firearms that Ray Geddes had owned, per a list that Frank Harrington had maintained througout the  decades.  Believe Ray passed away sometime early 2020.   I believe 6933 (8656 on lockplate) and 18790 were also owned by Ray, and sold by Redding Auction Service July 2020 along with the prototype MLT.

Not on my site:

8491, 13889, 14181r (ZB), 16022, 16356

Carbine (prototype) (Merrill, Latrobe & Thomas)

Carbine (serial 6933 - 8656 on lockplate) (Merrill, Thomas & Co. - here and all below)

Carbine (serial 16107) (Merrill, Thomas & Co.)

Carbine (serial 18790)

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