Here are all the Merrill firearms that Frank had owned, up until the time he either sold them or gave them to friends/relatives.

Harrington, Frank - 461, 9612r, 11125, 11775 (RP), 11786 (engraved), 13219, 13873 (ZB), 15208 (RKW)

Not on my site:

148, 494, 3089r, 1478r (engraved Taylor Fox), 6928 (GDS), 7234r, 8542r, 9923 (GDS), 12866 (ZB), 14027r, 14105 (broken off at wrist), 14156 (ZB), 14825 (ZB), 17327 (RKW TKL)

With so much content on this site that originated with Frank, I'm including two articles he wrote, the first with Dick Berglund, and the second with Ed Hull.

Carbine (serial 461)

Rifle (serial 9612)

Carbine (serial 11125)

Carbine (serial 11775)

Carbine (serial 11786)

Carbine (serial 13219)

Carbine (serial 13873)

Carbine (serial 15208)

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