I keep trying to find any leads that might bring me to historical information on James H. Merrill.  A few weeks ago, I went searching for any information on Ferdinand Claiborne Latrobe, partner to James H. Merrill and Phillip Thomas.  Ferdinand was born in 1833, so he must have been right out of college when he joined MLT. 


One of the big hits was thru the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) website.  By big hit, I mean I found reference to a "Personal Miscellaneous" section that has a 3-page Civil War document. It was stated as a photo of the Appomattox surrender.  With kind and timely response from the Reference and Instruction Archivist, and a graduate assistant  there, I received three documents, two related to the surrender, and one related to a letter Latrobe sent to Phillip Thomas (still need to read thru that one).

Photos below are credited to:  Ferdinand C. Latrobe papers, Collection 4, Special Collections, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Baltimore, MD).

I have deciphered a number of initial stumper words, so if you have troubles figuring them out, please send me an email and I'll fill in the missing.  In turn, if anyone can shed light on who the two Union generals are under Gibbon, along with a number of unrecognizable titles, I'd be happy if you emailed me.

This must have been given to Labrobe by John Gibbon; will find out how it ended up in Latrobe's document collection.

The actual April 10th, 1865 third surrender document (triplicate) signed by three each of Grant's and Lee's generals. Need help identifying two of Grant's generals and titles.

John Gibbon, Major General

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gibbon https://military.wikia.org/wiki/John_Gibbon

James Longstreet, Lieutenant General https://www.history.com/topics/american-civil-war/james-longstreet http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/civil-war-in-america/biographies/james-longstreet.html https://civilwar.wikia.org/wiki/James_Longstreet

Charles Griffin, Major General https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Griffin https://www.thoughtco.com/charles-griffin-4046958

J.B. (John Brown) Gordon, Major General https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Brown_Gordon https://www.thoughtco.com/major-general-john-b-gordon-2360307

Wesley Merritt, Major General https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wesley_Merritt


W.N. (William Nelson, "parson", camp pendleton) Pendleton, Brigadier General & Chief of Artillery https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_N._Pendleton https://www.battlefields.org/learn/biographies/william-n-pendleton

My translation...

Appomattox Court House

April 10th, 1865

Agreement entered into this day, in regards

to the surrender of the Army of Northern

Virginia, to the United States authorities.

   1st, The troops shall march by brigades

and detachments to a Designated point,

stack their arms, deposit their flags, sabres,

pistols and from thence march to their

homes, under charge of their officers, su-

perintended by their respective Division

and Corps Commanders, Officers retain

-ing their side arms, and the authorized

number of private horses.

   2nd, All public horses and public pro-

-perty of all kinds to be turned over to

staff officers designated by the United

States authorities.

   3rd, Such transportation as may be agreed

upon, as necessary for the transportation

of the private baggage of Officers will be

allowed to accompany the officers,  

{page 2}

turned over at the end of the trip to the

nearest United States Quarter master,

receipts being taken for the same.

4th, Courriers and mounted men of

the Artillery and Cavalry whose horses are

their own private property, will be allow

-ed to retain them.

   5th, The surrender of the Army of Northern

Virginia shall be construed to include all

the forces operating with that Army on

the 8th instant, the date of the

commencement of negotiations for surrender, except such

bodies of Cavalry as actually made their

escape previous to the surrender, and

except also, such pieces of artillery as were

more than twenty (20) miles from Appo-

-mattox Court House at the time of

surrender on the 9th instant.


John Gibbon  Maj. Genl.

Charles Griffin ? Maj Genl U.S. Vols.

W. Merritt    ? Maj. Genl.


J. Longstreet Vols Lt Gen

J.B. Gordon Maj Gen

W.N. Pendleton Brig. Genl. & Ch. of Arty.

This is the triplicate paper signed at

Appomattox C.H. The two others being retained

by Lt. Gen’l Grant and Gen’l Lee.

John Gibbon

       Maj. Genl. Vols

Baltimore, Md

     May 10th 1865

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