_Merrill Arms booklet cover

Captain D. N. Ingraham - no photo or biographical information available (???)

Murray1 TMR

Lieutenant F. K. Murray, Executive Officer, Ordnance Department - no photo or biographical information available (???)

Captain D. N. Ingraham - no photo or biographical information available (???)

Captain Andrew A. Harwood, U.S.N. (profile)

Commodore John A. Dahlgren, U.S.N. (profile )

Lieutenant Wm. L. Maury, U.S.N.(profile 1) (profile 2)

Secretary of the Navy Isaac Tousey (profile)

Gillem, Alvan C , picture from at east tennessee roots thread Morgan the Raider & The Tennessee Yank That Got Him

1st Lieutenant A.C. Gillem, 1st Artillery, U.S. Army (Fort Brown, Texas, August 9th, 1860) (profile)

S. Adams, Esq, Master Armorer, VA State Armory (Springfield, Mass., Dec. 25, 1860) (no photo or profile ???)

Colston3 TMR

Major Raleigh Edward Colston (Conf.) Report, Virginia Military Institute to commissioners of the Virginia Armory (June 28, 1860) (profile

Alfred Madison Barbour (Conf), Esq., Superintendent, U.S. Harper’s Ferry Armory (Jan. 15th, 1861) (profile) Virginia secession and Barbour's involvement.

Burkhart TMR

P. Burkhardt, Esq, Inspector of Arms, Harper’s Ferry Armory (Oct. 12th, 1861) (???)

Capt. Robert Emmet Robinson 1st Cavalry, Petersburg, VA (Conf.) company armed with Merrill carbines; March 5, 1861) (profile)

Colonel Francis Engle Patterson (profile)

Major D.P. Weaver (no photo, 3 non-privates at civilwardata.com) (???)

Brevet Major Peter Lyle (profile)

Major William A. Delaney (no photo;profile)

Captain Joseph Archambault (The 2nd Cavalry, 59th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, was organized in the fall of 1861 and mustered out in July 1865; Joseph Archambault, Captain of Company A, was promoted to Major May 19, 1862. Cf. S.P. Bates. History of Pennsylvania volunteers, v. 2, p. 320, and F.H. Taylor. Philadelphia in the Civil War 1861-1865, p. 155). Joseph Archambault, one of Napoleon's grooms, later worked for Joseph Bonaparte in the United States, ran a hotel in Pennsylvania and served in the American Civil War. Joseph Olivier Victor Senez Archambault (1796-1874). (profile 1) (profile 2

General James Wolfe Ripley (profile 1) (profile 2)

Colonel E.G. Chormann, Commanding Independent Mounted Rangers, of PA (Philadelphia, September 19th, 1861) (no photo, just ad)

Major General John Adams Dix, Commanding Middle Department (Fort McHenry, 5th October, 1861) (profile 1) (profile 2) (profile 3)

Brigadier General George Stoneman, Chief of Cavalry, Washington, Commanding Corps. (Headquarters, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac, March 8th, 1863) (profile 1) (profile 2) (profile 3) (profile 4)

Frederick Von Sheeckapus, Lt. Col., L. C. Regt.(???)

G.W. Adams, Major 2nd Battery, L. C. Regt. (???)

Auguste Hourand, Major 2nd Battery, L. C. Regt. (???)

Henry Hendrick, Captain, L. C. Regt. (???)

G. Alto, Captain, L. C. Regt. (???)

Count Frederick Storck, L. C. Regt. (???)

Charles H. Larrabee, Camp Griffin, VA (October 16th, 1861) (profile)

Honorable Simon Cameron, Secretary of War, Washington (profile 1) (profile 2)

Major Myron Holley Beaumont, 1st New Jersey Cavalry (Headquarters 1st New Jersey Cavalry, Camp Mercer, VA; Oct. 16th 1861) (profile)

Capt. Jacob Hess, 21st Regiment Indiana Volunteers (Headquarters, 21st Regt. Indiana Vols., Fort Marshall, Baltimore, January 17th, 1862) (???)

Captain J. M. Trowbridge, U.S. Army (Milwaukee, 23 June 1862) (small reference; no photo ???)

Colonel James Winning McMillan, 21st Regiment Indiana Volunteers (Fort Marshall, Baltimore, Jan. 22nd, 1862) (profile)

Captain Henry C. Maynadier, U.S. Army (Headquarters, Mortar Flotilla, Off Memphis, June 18th, 1862) (???)

Judd1 TMR

Lieutenant Charles D. Judd (???)

Colonel William Autustus Barstow, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry (Headquarters, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry, Leavenworth City, Sept. 8th, 1862; all 1,200 men carry the Merrill carbine, mentions cartridge box with Wilson’s patent fastening) (profile 1) (profile 2) (profile 3)

General J. H. Lane, Com. of Recruits (Office of Recruiting Commission, Department of Kansas, Leavenworth City, Sept. 1st, 1862) (profile)

Extract from report of Lieutenant Colonel William Denison Whipple, U.S. Army (Headquarters, 8th Army Corps, Baltimore, Maryland, October 23rd, 1862; committee of awards, fair of the Maryland Institute, Baltimore; stated rifle made by Wm. E.T. Merrill, James’ son) (profile 1- 2nd in list) (profile 2) (profile 3)

Major General William Henry French, U.S. Army (Army of the Potomac, March 21st, 1863) (profile 1) (profile 2)

Charles D. Pennebaker, 27th Regiment Kentucky Volunteers (no  photo; profile)

Col. Samuel P. Spear, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Headquarters, Cavalry Brigade, Yorktown, VA, Feb’y 16th, 1864) (profile 1) (profile 2)

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