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The Argentina Connection (Fede)

I found another great contact, this time on the International Ammunition Association Web Forum.  Fede lives in the Buenos Aires area, not too far from the Museo de Armas de la Nacion Museum, and has consented to providing the  information for this web page.  Much more to come, so check back periodically for hopefully some awesome and never before shared information related to James H. Merrill and his Civil War era firearms.  The background photo has some additional information here -

From Fede:

The Merrill carbine was used by Argentine army cavalry units and is listed in inventories from 1868 to 1875. I have examined the only example found at the Riccheri museum and the serial number is 17462. Another serial number reported in a private collection is 18973.


To my knowledge, the only documentantion about the Merrill carbine are army inventories. I have copies of most of them from this timeframe; I’ll check the numbers as soon as I can. However, serials are not mentioned.


Just finished to transcribe the numbers mentioned between March 1, 1868 and April 30, 1875. I have only included items clearly identified as “Merrill”. These are the totals:

Carbines: 2,992

Cartridges: 262,720

Blank cartridges: 17,000

Primers: 70,896

Cartridge bags: 1,309

Bandoleers: 1,213

Primer boxes: 1,334

Holsters: 1,312


Below is a photo that Fede captured of the Argentina government's 1869 inventory records:


Here are translations, with many provided by Fede (plus nice geographical references):             

Ej’to (Ejército) – Army in the Paraguay (refers to the Argentine Army in the country of Paraguay)

Front’s de Cordoba (S. Luis y Mendoza) – Córdoba, San Luis and Mendoza Borders (refers to the Argentine provinces Córdoba, San Luis and Mendoza)

Frontera de Sta. Fe – Santa Fé Border (refers to the Argentine province of Santa Fé) Front’ras de Bs. As. – Buenos Aires Borders (refers to the Argentine province of Buenos Aires, not the capital city) Destinos – destinations Fusiles lisos – smooth bore muskets

Fusiles ray'dos – rifled muskets

Fusiles Enfield - Enfield rifles

Carab(inas) Vincen – Vincennes carbine {College Hill Arsenal has example}

Carab infant – infantry carbine

Machetes – machetes

Carab(inas) lisas – smooth bore carbines

Carab rey'das – rifled carbines

Carab Menill – Merrill carbines {misspelled}

Sables – sabers

Espad(as) – swords

Lanzas – spears

Infanteria – infantry

Caballeria – cavalry

Gobierno – government

Idem – same, as in same as above

Guar'cion (guarnición) – garrison

Pagones – Carmen de Patagones (city in the south of Buenos Aires province) Magallanes – Strait of Magellan, south of Chile

Caps de p. y Marina (Capitanes de Puerto y Marina) – port and navy captains

Diversos – various

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