Welcome to my tribute to James H. Merrill and his Civil War era manufactured and converted firearms.  There's lots to see and read.  Please try to check out my Updates  and My Favorites pages on this site. 

Another round of contacts I made last month paid off so wonderfully.  Boris Leostrin owns a St. Petersburg, Russia tourism company.  I contacted him a few weeks, explaining my efforts to have someone there visit the St. Petersburg Archives and photograph documents related to Merrill.  James H. Merrill spent time at the Sestroretsk Armory between 1856-58 to convert Russian muzzleloaders to his breechloading technology. 

Today, Boris provided 235 photos of about 180 pages of documents, with all but a few in Russian cursive.  I did see two letters written by Merrill.  Now, i really hoping volunteers will help with translations to English.  Hit the Contact link at the top and send me a message.

Lastly, for any Merrill owner in need of replacement parts, and practically no chance of finding original parts, Bill McCarthy in PA can likely provide reproduction parts - hit the Contact link above and I'll share his info.

Thanks for visiting, Eric. 

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