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Welcome to my tribute to James H. Merrill and his Civil War era manufactured and converted firearms.  There's lots to see and read.  Please try to check out my Updates  and My Favorites pages on this site.

I received an ultra-rare email from my site.  Walt had a question about his engraved, NSN Merrill carbine.  After too many inquisitive emails on my side, I received his photos.  It's now my new favorite of all the Merrills on my site.  If anyone out there has a first model, original rear sight, this is the one Merrill to which it should be mated.  Please contact me if anyone has one, or might know someone.  

Lastly, for any Merrill owner in need of replacement parts, and practically no chance of finding original parts, Bill McCarthy in PA can likely provide reproduction parts - hit the Contact link above and I'll share his info.

Please, also check out my other dedication site - https://williamsopertribute.smugmug.com.

Thanks for visiting, Eric. 

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